No longer "the forgotten city"?...We're getting a serious skatepark this September.

Getting hyped for this video...premieres in Richmond on April 29th.

Born Ugly Issue 9 is now online, and has got some DC love including a Macelli photo, and a Sevenfold ad praising Colin Ransom's charitable board-giving. Colin's been stacking for the video lately too.

In unrelated news, someone is a little late joining the blog trend, and the Shaw skatepark is having an "official" opening ceremony TODAY March 17 @ 4pm. Lets hear what you think of the park once you "finally" get to shred it.

Shaun Gregoire has a Firing Line Thrashin'

If you need to travel to or from DC in the next month, Megabus is offering 10,000 free trips using their promo code "ILUVDC". The $0 tickets aren't available for all times/cities though, so you have to mess with your search a bit.

Born Ugly has cranked out issue 8, so take advantage of their online viewing option. Only zine I know with a beer review section.

You're still checking back for updates here? Well maybe you weren't hoping for much, which is good. But the MunkSauce blog has been following recent travels, and digicam edits like this have been surfacing.

Finally some slivers of rot to view.

If you're around on Sunday, there is a skate jam/contest/free cookout at bridgespot. This flyer has the info you need.

Wes Bell has a checkout video up on Vimby.

TMKF took a trip last summer.
The banks at John Eaton are no more.