Across the Ocean

CLICK TO ENLARGE THE FLYER Check out for more Time Will Tell hype. I found another old clip. This time it's my trip to Barcelona in Spring 2005. There's a little story to along with this. On the third day there, we were chilling at Macba after Wes did a sick line, and one of the many sketchy soccer-playing metrosexuals there came up and started trying to interest us in some drugs. It was such confusing BS we didn't know if he was trying to buy or sell. Well his buddy snuck up and took off with my camera bag. So some gypsies jacked my GL2 (Which maybe was a good thing??). The clip below was filmed during the remainder of my two week stay using a homie-cam. Skaters are Christian, myself, and the dude who does most of the tricks is named Kevin or something.

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