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I'm reporting from LA right now, chilling at B-Ropes pad. Footage is racking up, so get psyched on a tour video which will have some special guest appearances. You should be able to peep that on TFC as well...props to Brad on re-doing the site layout. Also, I found out that ordering for Time Will Tell wasn't working, so if you tried ordering but couldn''s all fixed now.

Leave comments/questions at bottom of page, or at Myspace Charlie jokes are on hiatus for winter break. His tricks in Time Will Tell are no joke however. Buy Time Will joke kid!
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Time Will Tell
Video by Allen Danze. Features Bobby Worrest, Danny Gotimer, Zach Lyons, Alex Hansen, Christian Brown, Wes Bell, Ronald Flores, Shaun Gregoire, & More! **Shipping is included in the above price.

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