Been Slacking

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I'm sorry for the lack of updates, but I realized I'd better put up a lil' something before you decided to give up on coming here. I made a little clip of "Super THrowaway Footy" for your viewing pleasure(?). Also, Battle of the Shops was this past weekend, and Shaun Gregoire and Bobby Worrest split the prize for best trick. Shaun threw down a sick halfcab bs smith. Peep the footage on Brads Daily Crack in a day or two. And look out for an "out now promo" for Time Will Tell on here next.

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Time Will Tell
Video by Allen Danze. Features Bobby Worrest, Danny Gotimer, Zach Lyons, Alex Hansen, Christian Brown, Wes Bell, Ronald Flores, Shaun Gregoire, & More! **Shipping is included in the above price.

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