Dance Monkey Dance

Saturday night we ended up in Fredericksburg around midnight, hoping to skate a new spot. We tried to be slick about it, dropping off the generator by the gate and parking the cars far off, but as soon as we got the gear out of the trunk, we got a spotlight in our faces. Cop was lurking hard, and we looked suspicious with a 3000 watt genny sitting in the dark lot. He ran through our IDs, and told us to go ahead and do what we needed to do...that threw me pretty off guard. He wasn't going to kick us out? Now there were 2 cops, and they ended up posting up in the adjacent parking lot. We figured we had better do some skating, since we todl the cops thats why we were there. We couldn't hop the gate now, but luckily there was a cheesegrate launch ramp right there. Check out the rather forced session

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