All's well that ends well

Yesterday was pretty bad. Charlie got a parking ticket. It took us literally 3 hours to get downtown. We got kicked out of tax court right after Andy stuck his trick. We just sat on the sidewalk for a long time after that. It was dark, we had no spot ideas and we were bummed on the day. Then homie walks up and asks if we like hockey. None of us really do, but he gave us 9 tickets for the Caps game! We almost didn't go, but realized we had nothing else to do. It was pretty tight, and I guess we still did get a CLIP Here are some other things we've gotten for free downtown: Gatorades, Starbucks, T-shirts, Auntie-Annes sandwiches, Potbellies cookies, "balloons", whiteys, laser pointer, beer, entire meal, random party invites. $50 Caps tickets tops it all.

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